Monday, August 29, 2011

Well, we finally know more about magnos job.  & what we know is that he no longer has one.  His office was shut down because his bosses were involved with another company who was being investigated, therefore they began investigating magnos company & screwing up a lot of stuff for magno and his clients.  He hasnt worked in about 2 weeks because today his bosses are meeting with a judge to determine the fate of the company.  As of now, magno has no plans to go back to the company either way.  He doesn't want to be involved with a company that had been shut down.  He is working his butt off to help his clients that already enrolled in the loan mod plan, but hes pretty powerless in this situation.  & hes definitely pretty bummed about the outcome of this happened so out of the blue & really caught him off guard.  Hes most concerned with still coming through for his clients, and he thinks he will be able to, but its just not up to him.  As far as his income goes....he is also owed a lot of $ from the company and the company has all its assets frozen at this, hopefully we find out more news on that soon.  however, he will be back to work next week. somewhere new, we just dont know where! hes already been offered 3 jobs and hes favoring 1 over the others so he will probably end up there. Still, even 2 weeks later, theres a lot of stuff unknown..but we're enjoying this time together:)

on wednesday he had all his coworkers over to talk about what they will do if they dont get the money thats owed to them.  then it was snacks and a movie, you stuff:) once they left we went to walk kramer because our friends marylou and tom were coming over for dinner.  on our way out, a neighbor opened their door and their dog came running out in full attack mode.  unfortunately, he got kramer & it was a loud, crazy, bloody mess=( magno and the dogs owner were able to pull them apart but it was SO scary and sad. kramer was bleeding from his butt & REALLY REALLY shaken up.he was shaking, drooling, and panting non stop & he puked a LOT from all the stress on his body. it was my hell. i was absolutely miserable seeing him like that.  But marylou and tom still came over because kramer likes houseguests and i thought maybe it'd distract him.  didnt really work too well though.  we were up all night worrying and trying to comfort kramer and we called the vet first thing thursday morning. he wasnt able to get in till 5pm though but LUCKILY he stopped shaking in the morning. Our friend gibson was in town that day so he stopped by to see the new place & to talk about weddings:) he has a new business that he wants to integrate into weddings & wanted some advice.  Once it came time to go to the vet, kramer was a lot better but i wanted to go just to be safe.  Me magno and gibson headed out & took my little man to get checked out. he ended up being really bruised because of 3 bites on his butt area, and the bites were so hard that it basically destroyed kramers anal glands. We were sent home with antibiotics and pain pills, which seem to be doing the trick so far.  Since we were nearby, we stopped at Slaters 50/50 to give gibson a taste of the good life! we came home and grubbed down while watching the office, and kramer was really happy to just be home and relaxing.  As of today, he's almost brand new(minus his swollen, red, sensitive hiney!)

friday i met with my friend krystal for lunch & we caught up...then later that night we went to FINALLY meet up with our videographer to view our wedding video!!! we saw it, loved it, and get it in about a week once he formats it! SO EXCITED!! kramer of course went with us

Saturday was fight night so i was out and about getting food for that, while trying to keep the house clean which is nearly impossible with a husband at home! We had chris, michelle, their son raegan, cameron, frank, chad, scooter, zelda, derick, and hector our tiny apt was crammed with people but it was fun as usual! i had one drink later on in the night which = me PASSING OUT!!! i woke up to a messy house and hector asleep on the couch!
I crept out of the house early sunday morning to go work the bridal show at the huntington beach  hyatt, one of my favorite venues.  it was a fun show:)
our booth was across from a photo booth, so we just had to. and i just had to wear the veil:)
today i had lots of work to do in the morning but i got done a little earlier than expected so we were able to have a little afternoon out.  we stopped by our gibsons new business venture, snowflakes shaved ice! it was SO good and im not just saying that cuz hes my friend hahah. it was perfection in a cup. all the workers were so friendly too & we LOVED it.

after we left there, we realized we were right down the street from our beloved Ebell club(our wedding venue) so we just had to go say hi & show kramer where his mom and dad got married hahah!

and on the last leg of our trip to long beach, we visited magnos mom at work at had lunch there...kramer too!

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