Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wish List: Target Edition

Who doesn't love Target?! It's seriously my favorite store(homegoods is a close second).  Everytime I go there, I leave with a million things that I dont need. Heres the things I will need to have in my home at some point.

i love this cute little elephant tea pot so much! I dont drink tea or ever have people over who drink tea, but i still need to have this little guy.  

 I love me some stripes.  This striped shower curtain is so cute and simple, just how i like a bathroom. I would pair this with some crisp white monogrammed towels and call it a day.

 Im too cheap to buy a whole new set of dinnerware, but I really love these.  They are as simple as it gets but make the food on them look a wholleeee lot better.  white makes the food pop! i'll take all the help i can get.
peonies are my favorite flower so of course I love this area rug.  I love the neutral and fresh colors in it. 

In my dream backyard I would have this, a huge outdoor tv, and a pool that lights up different colors at night:) I have a really random wishlist...
Another random little "want" of mine are these tumblers.  I have a thing for tumblers.  Especially these ones. They are really thick bubble glass and are so heavy and durable.  I don't know why but i absolutely love them and have wanted them literally for years!

and obviously, this.  BUT, this lady needs a showcase spot which my tiny little apartment just doesnt have=( so when I get a huge gourmet kitchen one day, she will be sittin' pretty on my granite counter top;)

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Lacey said...

yay I can leave you comments now! I love the idea for this post, I just may have to steal it for my other blog! I love that tea pot it is sooo cute!