Thursday, June 16, 2011

a clean home is a happy home:)

cleaning has consumed my entire life.  i love to have a clean house.  That is, to me, the best feeling when I come home from working a long wedding...a clean, organized house.  However, nobody in this house shares the same philosophy, so im the one who has to do it all. Its at LEAST a part time job if not full time, but its just something i cant go without.  Even if somebody offered to do it, I probably wouldn't accept because NOBODY cleans as good as I do=P

Things I do everyday
  • Vacuum entire apartment, including kitchen & couch!
  • windex coffee table
  • dust entertainment center(that thing collects dust like no ones business)
  • clean our bedroom(collect magnos dirty clothes that he throws anywhere, remove his dirty dishes from his breakfast in bed routine, make the bed)
  • wash dishes..maybe not ALL of them, but i do a few everyday, I find that i HAVE to because otherwise we wont have utensils to eat with!
  • take out at least one bag of trash from either the kitchen or the bathroom
  • lysol kitchen counter tops
  • not everyday, but about every 2 days, i bleach the crap out of the kitchen sink.  it stains so easily & it drives me nuts.
  • open all the windows & turn all the fans on...I need fresh air in the house so I try to keep it like that for a few hours but between kramer barking at all the noises & the cats climbing up the screens, It usually only takes about an hour before I close everything up again.

Things I do every week(on top of the things I do everyday!)
  • wash the sheets and pillowcases
  • wash all the bathroom and kitchen towels
  • clean out the fridge
  • mop the living room floor
  • clean the bathroom(it NEEDS cleaned every day but i rarely have the time or energy to do it)
  • clean the stove top

Things I do every month
  • laundry day-it should be more often, but if all our clothes were always clean, we wouldnt have the space to put them all! yet another flaw to apartment living.
  • purge.  i am constantly getting rid of at least a few things because I hate not having space.  the closet is usually where the most stuff comes from. 
  • full on kitchen clean.  I only do it once a month because it only lasts a few hours yet it takes a few hours to complete. its a vicious cycle & i blame the lack of storage & the lack of a dishwasher.
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