Tuesday, June 14, 2011

after 11 loonngg years....

Magno finally received his social security # and his drivers license! We really can't believe it, we're in shock! This has been an issue ever since I met magno & to know that it will no longer be one is SO relieving! This happened a lot quicker than we thought, but we are SO glad we ended up getting that lawyer! Magno is really enjoying having his license & we hope to go car shopping in a few weeks. THAT will be the best day of his life im sure, our wedding day is no competition!!!;)

Nothing else has really been happening around here, just working.  Heres the weddings I worked this weekend.  Again, i saw our wedding officiant! He's apparently the go to guy for all things wedding.

a red, black, and candlelight wedding at the Laguna cliffs Marriott in Dana Point. the pictures don't do it justice, it was gorgeous!
 a muted pink and purple wedding at the long beach hilton hotel.

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