Thursday, June 2, 2011

bitter sweet

2 days ago, out of the blue, magnos work permit came in the mail! the thing we thought we had to wait at least another 3 months for was sitting on our dresser.  magnos work permit allows him to get a SS card, and his SS card allows him to FINALLY get his drivers lisense!!! he was so happy.  so shocked & totally thrilled.  We were SO confused as to how it just came, just like that!  we called our lawyer the first thing the next morning & she confirmed that she received a copy of it too & that since they approved it so easily, we may or may not have to do the second interview that we thought was mandatory. at this point we don't even mind doing that since we got what we wanted, so who cares! so today magno took the day off work to go get his SS card & drivers permit(funny that a 25 year old still legally has to get a permit first!). I took that chance to go with him to the SS office to FINALLY legally change my name! we got there and had a mini interview to go through first but then she printed us a receipt and sent us on our way.  we wanted to go straight to the DMV but she said that they need to see the actual card, which wont be here for another 2 weeks.  So we went home instead, a little bummed that he couldn't get his permit today but still excited that he can get it in just two weeks!! we were also excited that getting his SS would make getting a house possible.  however, that was quickly smashed down when we called a few places. turns out the problem isnt magnos lack of citizenship, its his taxes.  I was totally unaware that your taxes had anything to do with buying a house, but apparently, they have  A LOT to do with it! we were told that because we wrote off so much in our taxes, that to get a house we would basically need 50% cash.  um, yeah, we dont have $150k cash. =( we called a few more places and were told the same thing.  and just like that, our dreams and goals were crushed. We're not too sure what we're gunna do now, besides keep saving.  but we'll be saving for a loooooong time to get $150k....all the while house prices will start going up im sure! so we're really bummed, really discouraged, really frustrated, and really irritated.  We do have the option of just filing our taxes different next year, and not writing off so much, but then we will have to pay a lot upfront plus its a year away! thats a long time to keep living the way we're living. with no space, no dishwasher, 4 animals, and 1 parking spot.  so we're thinking of just moving to another rental.  we need our space.  we're newlyweds yet since we have a roomie, we have no alone time, no privacy, no home to call our just sucks! its especially frustrating that now magno will have his SS card and thats not even the biggest obstacle in home ownership anymore. plus he makes more than enough money to buy a home! its just all 1099 and not w2, and apparently, to loan people, that's not sufficient income.  even though his income is more than sufficient.  its a vicious cycle.

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