Tuesday, May 31, 2011

memorial day weekend

we had a few really nice days outside so me and magno took kramer for a long walk at some ecological reserve in costa mesa. after that we went for lunch at one of our new favorites, chronic taco, and took our beloved chimichanga (and kramer!) to irvine park railroad for an impromptu picnic. i loooveee being outside when its nice out!

we saw a lot of these huge birds there, just out and about!
the next day i was up bright and early for a wedding industry leaders conference at the hyatt in newport beach.  the first person i see there was of course our wedding officiant, alan katz! man i see that guy everywhere! we spent the day there learning new selling techniques and website improvements. they served us breakfast, lunch, and cocktails/snacks even though we were only there 9:30-2:30! such good food too:)
part of the yummy and pretty breakfast
sam, angie, me, and xavi enjoying some snacks after the conference
later that week i got to tour the monaco mansion, a GORGEOUS house/venue in orange where we are doing a wedding this summer for some NFL guy whos name i cant remember nor would i care if i could!
on saturday i worked a wedding at orange hill and then came home for fight night. i was SO tired & knocked out almost immediately after.  during the fight me and zelda kept talking about food(haha) so we decided that the next day we would have to go to Slaters 50/50 and see what the fuss is about.  So we did, and we all died. it is SO good.  me and magno even drank beer & liked it! me, zelda, scooter, and magno all HIGHLY recommend that place. after slaters we picked up kramer and went over to my parents house for a few hours before going to see the hangover 2.  after being in a slaters food coma, it was so relaxing to be in a dark movie theatre with my popcorn (drenched with butter), my pepsi, and my blanket:) magno loved the movie, i hated it. on the way home we stopped at bruxie to get even more food.  i guess it was eat-everything-you-see day for us!
the arch decor

the bridal party and some of the centerpieces before i set them up
magnos epic burger.
monday i finally got my hair cut & colored. theres no pix cause i hate it. i just got a trim but this was the picture i showed her for the color, and it does not look anywhere close to that. why does that always happen by the way? I NEVER get a good dye job. its SO expensive and i always hate it. so heres my vow, im never doing it again!!

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