Tuesday, May 24, 2011

what else?weddings!

on friday, i worked my favorite wedding so far. It was at the Hills Hotel in Laguna Hills, & it was flowers & coordination so it was another really long day, but so fun!  The theme was rock glam, and this hotel was PERFECT to host this event. The bridal party danced down the aisle to typical wedding songs, but performed by electric guitar! When we met with the bride a few weeks ago, she told us about this & I coudnt wait to actually see it! She was such a fun bride!
here is the hallway turned ceremony site before we did anything to it. i love the chivari chairs & the fringe curtains!

the fun modern bar area with a few of our flowers

setting up all the placecards

my labor of love.  my hands were so sore after attaching all the flowers on the super long aisle!

the cocktail area with the couples pictures on the tv

the candy bar we set up

the sign in table

the cake. this thing was drama.  it was whipped frosting not fondant so the letters kept falling, & the  black frosting dyed the red ribbon on the middle tier so even though the bride didnt want flowers on the cake, we made a judegment call & decided that was better than tye died ribbon the cake! she ended up loving it.


the low & lush centerpiece. petals and candles by me;) haha 

the head table & one the tables with submerged centerpieces

Since I've done quite a few weddings now, Ive learned that a lot of them have SO much improv going on behind the scences that the brides will never know about(which is the point!) this wedding in particular, the cake was one of them, then the champagne glasses the couple brought with them broke, so we had to use the hotels FINE CHINA ones & make sure they were safe all night. the chair arrangements werent staying on right so we added the rhinestone wrap which ended up looking better...this is why working 14 hours in necessary..SO many things change!

Logan & Larisa right before their grand entrance into their reception

they danced the ENTIRE night, they must have been wiped out aftewards!

we had flowers leftover so I took them up to the bridal suite and did some decorating

this wedding was so much fun. it was pretty big, 120 guests, & all of them had so much fun! I was the one to queue the bride when to start walking, and as i was standing behind her holding her dress, i started tearing up! shes the first bride whos made me cry so far. she looked SO good. she was so happy, and so nervous...it was just so sweet.

heres the before and after of the ceremony site. me and two other interns totally transformed the space & I thought we did a GREAT job!;)
we had another wedding the next day but it was really small & quick.  i had fun though just because my boss wasnt there, making ME in charge, and its always fun to be the one with the input & the power! heres the centerpiece & the only picture i got!

i also got to meet up with my work friends outside of work! we met at the cutest little cafe in in LA, Alcove cafe.  We sat outside in the cute park like setting & ate delicious paninis, chocolate mousse cake, & we even got to watch back to the future on an outdoor projector!  We coincidentally went on "movie night"....they even had the back to the future car parked in front! it was really fun, im so lucky to have great co workers!! however, i did get a parking ticket=( typical OC girl in LA!!

once again, excuse the horrible pictures.  i will never remember to bring my camera so all these are iphone pix=/

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