Thursday, April 28, 2011

glad thats over!

today we had our interview.  i was really, really nervous. my stomach hurt, i was antsy, & just overall anxious! The only reason I can come up with to why I was so nervous is because the officer that interviewed us had so much power! She could literally deny us just because she didnt like us.  Even though hiring our lawyer would have prevented that, i was STILL nervous! I just dont like being judged.  Once we got in there she asked for both our licenses, which made no sense because we would be there if magno had his license! She seemed surprised that he didn't have one which confused me.  Then we went into her office & laid out everything we had prepared last night...marriage certificate, birth certificates, passports, rental agreements, old pictures, wedding pictures, receipts, letters, old prom tickets, etc.   We made a folder for the originals and a folder of copies so that they could put that one in their main case folder.  She looked through all the stuff fairly quick.  Then she asked Magno how he got a job? I just about peed my pants then because i had totally forgotten its not really legal for him to have a job!  But, he quickly answered that he was hired on the condition that he was in the legal proceedings for his documents. which is true, his boss hired him on the condition that he was gunna get his papers and that he had already started the process.  She seemed fine with that answer.  Then she asked looked at our marriage certificate and asked us to confirm that our wedding date was 5/21/10 in Fullerton. I said yes because that is LEGALLY our wedding date & location.  Then after reviewing a few more things she asked about our wedding pictures, and i had to explain that our LEGAL marriage was in the courthouse, just to get the immigration process (and we though, finished) before our ACTUAL wedding day in December.  I hate having to explain that, but we had to do what we had to do.  So, she seemed fine with that answer too.  That must have been enough for her because she approved our case afterward.  We were surprised that she didn't ask a ton of personal questions or anything like that.  So, the next step is to wait for another appointment date, probably in 3 months, and for that interview, they will just interview magno (as far as i know).  Once they confirm that he isnt a drug dealer, con artist, or anything like that, they will approve that portion of it.  That will mean both major portions will have been approved and that he will receive his temporary green card in the mail 2 weeks later.  We wont know until that day though if we have to pay them another $1k.  Im really hoping not, but if that's what we gotta do-we'll do it.  Then,  in about 2 years, we have to interview again, fill out a lot more paper work, pay some more money, and then reapply for citizenship.  its never ending, but at least after we get his temporary green card he can get his license and social.  that will change our life completely!!! the very first thing we wanna do is buy magno a car..the second, buy us a house.  I HATE that we have to do this, i HATE that we have given them SO much money, i HATE the degrading process, i HATE it all.  I hate that magno has had this huge hurdle in his life but im so glad hes had the strength, courage, and commitment to not let it take him down.  just another reason i <3 him.

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