Wednesday, April 27, 2011

dun dun duunnn

today is the day before our immigration interview.  yesterday we met with our lawyer to go over all the documents we need to provide & everything that will happen in the interview.  She told us that it will be fairly short but fairly intense.  She said to expect questions like exact dates of major relationship things..what kind of shampoo each other uses, what our house looks like, & even what kind of under garments we wear!  During her little prep interview, magno got about every single question WRONG!! hahahah. so that initially made me really nervous.  But then i thought to myself " ok what kinda guy knows what kind of shampoo his wife uses?!?!" So hopefully if he gets those kind of questions wrong in the real interview, the officer will know that he is just a normal man & not a sleezy con artist trying to get away with falsifying a marriage.  i HOPE.  you'd think after 7 years magno would know everything about our relationship, but he just doesnt!  After we left the lawyers office we had to go get some more documents that we will need to give the officer....our certified marriage lisense, a new birth certificate for me, proof of existing accounts together, copies of my scrapbooks, letters with older dates on them...the whole 9.  However, the lawyer said that JUST the fact that we had a $20k wedding should be enough proof because nobody would do that if it was a false marriage just to get their green card.  So that was an "in yo face" moment for me because I always told magno that our wedding was an investment and thats why the price kept going up=) I think its safe to say that we are both still a little nervous-obviously WE know that we are a real couple...but the officer doesnt know that nor does she care about our situation and how much harder our life is without magnos papers.  Im relieved to know that our lawyer will be there with us the whole time because she said they can get really inappropriate with their questions if they see that we are doing it alone.  It also is just a little bit more proof that we are legit.  This lawyer has worked with the officer interviewing us before so it will be good to have that trust going in to it.  So, we'll meet the lawyer at 7:40 am tomorrow morning at the Santa Ana courthouse & hope for the best.

BEST CASE SCENARIO:they think that we are a real couple, they approve our case, and magno gets a green card in 3-4 months.
WORSE CASE SCENARIO-they dont believe that we are a real couple, then they would ask for more proof such as interviewing friends/family, having a private investigator watch us, and so forth.
IN THE MIDDLE SCENARIO-they think that we are a real couple however they dont have the receipts saying that we paid on file, meaning that we'd have to pay another $1k to get magnos green card in that same 3-4 months.

im realllly reallllly hoping that they DO have his reciepts on file because even though $1k is hardley anything compared to what we've already paid, its still a lot of money.  I really dont want to give them anymore money.

So hopefully it works out and magno gets his green card like NOW! we really can't stand our living situation anymore & are totally ready to be homeowners...but since magno is the provider yet the provider doesnt have his SS card, home ownership is literally not an option. 

Stay tuned!

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Lacey said...

wow Kat, I can't believe all that you guys are going through! I sure hope it goes great for you guys tomorrow, good luck!