Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Im gunna get straight to the point--I got hired as an intern at Petals by Xavi, a floral design & wedding coordination company!  I was randomly skimming craigslist & found this opportunity so I immediately set up and interview.  The next day, I went in, met with the owner Xavi, & got hired on the spot!  I was SO excited because this is my dream "job".  Its a 6 month internship where i'll be learning about all the different types of flowers, networking with wedding professionals, scouting out venues, contacting brides, and everything else that the company does.

I started the following sunday at bridal show in corona.  My job was to basically set up appointments with all the brides that came by the booth so that they could come in for a free consultation about their wedding flowers.  I had fun!  I go to wedding shows anyways so it didnt really seem like work! I got to taste fab cupcakes from the booth a few spots down, be surrounded by gorgeous floral arrangements, & meet a few of the other vendors there. i totally felt like i was in the right environment:)  Especially since my "uniform" was all shiny & perdy:)

one of the flower arrangements the head designer kevin created for the bridal show

one of the arrangements for our booth decoration...thats me on the right!;)

more table decor....SO PRETTY!!!

The office manager I was working with was really nice & shes also a twin! I told her about my love for the business & how i also like to dabble into writing blogs.  She told me that I'm more than welcome to create posts for their company blog so hopefully i'll be doing that shortly:)

I anticipate to be working at least every weekend since thats the busiest time for bridal shows & events, but i dont really mind...this is my passion & in going to go full force so I can get everything i can out of this internship!

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