Tuesday, February 22, 2011

bedroom wall ART;)

for right now, its just hanging there...but i talked to my dad this weekend & we decided to frame it.  just like this.  full length. If i could hang myself on the wall and frame myself in the dress, i would. I want to be buried in this dress by the way.  anyways, first i need to get it cleaned & preserved, then my dad will start working on building the frame and putting it behind museum glass.  i dont care how weird, crazy, or neurotic this is--IM DOING IT!!!!! =P
my sweet little dress hanging in the brides room at the ebell club

i bought the dress with just the sash, then added this diamond belt to it which was JUST perfect.

the train was a mess when i brought it into my seamstress, but after 3 weeks of work, she nailed it.

i cant sit in it, but its ok;)

and since i dont think i've ever posted a picture of this before, heres annie modeling my backup dress:)  I bought this after it my original dress was 3 months late & i was too worried that i wouldnt have ANY DRESS. Thank god my dress came, cause even though this is a cute dress, it was just too casual.  I just took these pictures so I could post this up on ebay  finally! 

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