Monday, February 21, 2011

little changes in our little apartment.

this weekend came & went SO fast=( most people have today off, but not magno!=(seeing as how the weekend went by in a flash, we didnt get too much done at the new place. However, we got a lot done at the old place! we finished moving everything else in(most of it ended up in the garage) & now all we have to do is paint one wall at the old place & we're done! then all my time can be put into the new place:) anyways me and annie were able to get some shopping done..i hate to spend $ on new stuff but at the same time, even though were renting, i NEED a pretty t environment...a happy home is key to a happy life, right?!:) So even though things will probably change at least once a week, heres what the living room looks like today

we got a small ottoman for extra seating & most of all extra storage!
we added shelves to the wall and a picture frame that will be empty until i can figure out how to get a square photo!! we also got the bigger pillows on the couch, they are a burlappy type of fabric with cursive cute!

Things on our to do list: STILL paint & re-attach the baseboards, plant a garden in the backyard (herb & flower), get the couch cleaned, and finish me & magnos bedroom(which when my mom came over this weekend said looked like a wedding shrine because all the decoration in there right now is wedding related!)

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