Friday, February 18, 2011

my wedding tips:)

now that ive been through a wedding, and i have friends about to go through theirs, i thought id write some tips from experience. also, its just another chance for me to talk about my wedding ;)

TIME is EVERYTHING!! Even if you THINK you have enough time, you don’t! Do all the little annoying jobs (taking stickers off vases, cutting menu cards, the seating chart, etc.) as soon as you possibly can. Saving it till the last minute will not only stress you out but it creates a chance that you just won’t end up doing it because of TIME!
-I fought with time for my wedding, & I don’t regret it(because I wanted to get married right away!) but I do wish that I would have done all those little things a lot earlier so that I wasn’t in bed cutting out menus the night before the wedding!

DIY & details!! Personally, I think that these touches MAKE the wedding!! Spend some time researching & getting ideas (I HIGHLY recommend saving all these ideas in a binder**, online, or somewhere where you can weed through them & see which ones are doable for you) It takes time to create a good size folder of ideas you can use but it’ll be worth it once you go back into the folder & say to yourself “oh yah, I remember I wanted to do that!” because during wedding planning, you forget a LOT of things!! 
-I LOVED my wedding but looking back I do wish I would have had more TIME to do more DIY things.  I wanted to make Novia(wife) & Novio(husband) signs for the back of our chairs at the dinner portion(to match the Spanish theme of course!) but it was just a little detail that got washed over in the storm of the wedding madness! I wanted to do memory candles, photos of old family weddings, cake table d├ęcor….the list goes on! But, when the day came, it really didn’t even matter to me because I was just happy in the moment. 

Wedding blogs are your best friend! My two favorite were Green Wedding Shoes & Style Me Pretty.  I checked them daily ( & still do!) to see how other people used everyday items in their wedding.  Its something your gunna have to find out on your own because I doubt any florist is going to tell you a cheaper vase to use or that any catering company will tell you that you can use your own decorative serveware!

Wedding BINDER**!!!!! This is ever-so-important!! Once you start planning, you will see just how many papers, receipts, emails, contracts, & everything else that you have.  The correspondence is unlimited & its really important to keep it organized! My binder was basically my bible.  Getcha’ self some clear plastic sheet thingys & some binder separators.  Separate into sections like: DJ, FLORIST, VIDEO, PHOTO, ACCESSORIES, MARRIAGE LICENSE, etc. It will save you so much time when you need to refer to your videographer contract to see what time he will be there on the wedding day.  Also, keep your TO DO list in the front of this binder at all times!! there is nothing more gratifying that crossing off an item on your to do list!
my bible:)

 & the last tip is to soak it all in.  Give yourself enough time so that you can enjoy the wedding planning process, enjoy your fiancee, & most importantly, enjoy your wedding day. Its easy to get caught up in everything but try to remember that this will be your only wedding (hopefully!) so you need to savor every last minute!!!

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