Tuesday, February 15, 2011

24 so far.

A few days before our actual birthday, my parents had us over for cake, candy, food, & gifts.  They left for washington on our birthday so we celebrated early which is fine by me!

on our actual bday, magno got us these cute cards:) he got annie a bath and body works gift card & me, my fave-cold hard cash and a promise that he'd take me shopping with NO complaining!!=)
we thought we would go out but when it came down to it we were too tired to do anything so we got food from our favorite chinese food place & watched paranormal activity 2. it was a perfect night:)

that weekend we didnt do anything but MOVE, unpack,& clean! excecpt for sunday when i took a little break to go to Magno's boss' wife Cara's baby shower! that was a mouthful.  She's having a little girl named kiley elizabeth pate & im sure she will be just the cutest little thing. She will be here mid march:)

on valentines day magno had to wake up really early and be at work for a guest speaker, so that didnt start the day off that great...then he got sick as the day went on, and i had such bad cramps that i was throwing up all morning and couldnt leave my bed...it was just a mess. he ended up coming home early and when he walked in he was carrying beautiful roses that had been delivered earlier that day but i didnt notice! He wrote such a sweet card for me & of course got me chocolates too! we were both sick but i didnt really care since that was the only way i woulda been able to spend valentines day with him!
i was feeling good enough by dinner time to cook dinner for my sick boy so i made mexican lasagna, pico de gallo rice, and choc covered strawberries:)

today we are both still sick but we're managing.

ok on to some apartment progress.  heres the hideous 70's kitchen before.
 & heres after. Still not totally done but we painted the cabinets, got new hardware, added curtains, painted the walls, etc. The space on the right is where the future washer will go (it comes on saturday, hallelujah!)
 heres the opposite side of the kitchen as of now.
The living room before was just a mess. GREEN, old carpet, just so awful. Since its a fairly small area it was really cheap to put laminate down & it was so worth it! we also painted the walls & tore up the brown baseboards so we could paint them white & re-attach them.

  heres the living room now....still need to add the baseboards, wall decor, & a few last touches but its so much better now!

bathroom before
 and after....didnt do much in here besides add the obvious stuff!:)

the 2 bedrooms & backyard arent camera ready just yet but should be in the next post:)


Lacey said...

Holy crap that place looks amazing!! I love the floors! Did you guys buy a new couch? We were just at the orange circle and I was thinking of you guys and the new place, now I got to see it =)

The Jimenez Family said...

thanks!! seriously wood floors are the best invention. its a lot of maintenance for us since kramer sheds a ton, but its worth it! The couch is annies-she moved in with us since its a 2 bdrm so now we are all saving money which we loooovve. the less rent money we spent the more $ i get for decorating woohoO! ;)

Lacey said...

Yeah the amounts of dust and hair suck but they are really nice! And the laminate is supposed to be really strong and good with scratches and stuff. That is great you guys are living together, always better to save =)