Thursday, March 10, 2011

great things & annoying things

I have an excuse for not blogging lately.  I wrote one a few days ago, then leaned on my keyboard & the whole thing erased.  If you know me, you know that was enough to push me into a blog strike.

So here i am, now calm enough to rewrite the blog (even though it wasnt event interesting to begin wtih!)

My internship is going great.  I actually LOVE it.  I attend bridal shows every weekend and my job there is to represent Petals by Xavi & get brides information so that we can book consultations with them. And since i already enjoyed going to bridal shows years before this, it doesnt even seem like work.  I also LOVE my coworkers.  Some are interns and some are workers, but i love them all.  They are all so nice, encouraging, and we all share the love of weddings.

Last week I worked in the Irvine office with another intern making youtube videos for the company.  I never knew how to make a movie so once i got home i downloaded the software & of course started making a wedding video of my own! i'll post that once I get music for it. While I was there working on the videos, Xavi had a meeting with her current bride.  She is the soon to be wife of a football player for the Chargers! She told me who he was but being the non sportsy gal I am, his name means nothing to me & I can't even remember what it was now! My boss also did the wedding for the guitarist in the black eyed peas.  It amazes me that she has a big business yet she personally still does most of the work.  Shes awesome! Heres a few links to places where PBX was featured this week.

& the most exciting one-the knot! What a HUGE honor to be featured on this site.  Xavi deserves it!
Yesterday, we made a pretty big decision that neither of us a thrilled with but that we couldn't really avoid.  We decided that we had to hire the head honcho of lawyers to represnt us in the whole immigration vs. kat & mag case.  Its been almost a year since we started the immigration process & we've gotten a whole lotta' nothing.  Last week we got a letter of denial with a 30 day deadline that if we don't meet, magno risks deporation.  Can you believe that?? Magno, the self sufficient, hard working, best husband ever-deported!  Well obviously that just can't happen so thats when we decided to hire the lawyer.  This whole thing just blows my mind.  Its way harder than i thought, way more expensive than i thought, and just plain corrupt if you ask me.  So, we say hello to SOMEWHAT peace of mind, and goodbye to about $4,000 in addition to the $2,000 we already parted with. I had a little breakdown & a why us type tantrum on the way home from the lawyers office.  Its frustrating that we can't enjoy newlywedness (?) like other couples because we have to spend all our money on this.  Id love to be taking vacations and enjoying our new life together, or saving for a house, or basically anything but giving it to lawyers & the government!!!  If this is my only problem in life, im lucky.  But i still have my days of feeling bad for myself.  We are beyond lucky that Magno has a job that lets us pay for this, but that doesnt mean we want to spend the money on it! So thats where we stand with this situtation.  We have to pay our first $1k of the $4k to the lawyer this friday which starts the process & with any luck we will have his papers in 3 months, worst case 5 months.  So they say.  We'll see. And since blogs are boring to me without at least one picture, heres a picture of us before going to the lawyer.haha.  riveting, i know.

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