Thursday, January 27, 2011

18 days till valentines day;)

here i am, back at home with a pile of pills to take for my newest ailment. hello, sinus infection!
im sick of being sick & talking about being sick so to change the pace, i'll go back to my fave topic-valentines day!!=)

i absolutely hate receiving chocolates and flowers. yes, its the thought that counts, but come on guys! get creative!! its SOOO easy to please us girls & yet we rarely ever are! here's some cute things i found that i hope magno will see & act upon.(who am i kidding? i highly doubt he even knows of this blogs existence even though i've mentioned it 100 times!)

for me, cookies>chocolates.....and really really cute cookies are even better!

see? flowers arent the most creative thing, but a personalized, handcarved monogrammed vase? now we're talking.

this is so cute! you can get a photo turned into a cartoon!(below is the original)

& last but not least, the best valentines gift, would be this purdy baby.

i dream of the day i can have a kitchenaid mixer of my own, but this teeny little apartment is already out of counter space & this beauty needs to be displayed! poor me.

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