Wednesday, February 2, 2011

move #4

life is sometimes annoyingly unexpected.  Looks like we are moving again-a whole 10 feet!  An apartment next door became vacant & its a lot bigger than ours, with a backyard for our little kramer, all for about the same we really couldn't pass it up.  So, bring out the boxes again & kiss a clean house goodbye-cuz we're in moving mode!
and THIS will hopefully be our last move until we buy a house....well, unless a better apartment comes up.....;)
This past weekend we decided to venture to LA...the plan was universal city walk and the grove, but by the time we got to the grove, we were so frustrated with traffic and the unexpected FREEZING weather, we turned around and went home!!!!!! pointless, i know. but we walked around for a bit and kramer got to use his stroller(happy face!) so i guess it wasnt totally wasted.

other than that we just relaxed & enjoyed magnos first weekend off in a few weeks. 
Im already getting paint samples & new decor ideas for the new place so hopefully i can power through and decorate that place QUICK.  We really wanted to have everyone over saturday for the fight and sunday for the superbowl, but the cable guy cant get to the new place till monday=( hopefully it'll be SOMEWHAT liveable by next week for my birthday(all i want is a pretty clean chic apartment to live in!) and to stay 23=)

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Lacey said...

awww and right after you painted your room! haha. A yard for kramer will be great =)