Monday, January 24, 2011

our weekend.

hey people. another weekend gone & a depressed katherine is back! weekends are way to short.  especially now since magno works on saturdays, sometimes sundays too! this saturday was especially long because my head was killinnggg me the whole day and magno didnt get home till past 7. torture!!
anyways we did have some fun this weekend despite his working.  on friday gibson came over for dinner.  we went to the circle & ate BBQ then walked around, shopped a bit, and had ice cream at the grinder.  then we came back home, had some drinks, watched a movie, and talked till almost 3am! we dont see gibby enough so when we do, theres a lot of catching up!

like i said, magno worked all day saturday, so i was home all day trying to fight off that headache while also trying to start my online accounting class. that didnt work. i ended up frustrated, in pain, and ready to give up! after magno got home from work, he sat down with me & walked me through everything & was so patient with me.  idk how he did it but he ended up helping me get all the answers right & getting all the work i needed to do done early so that i could relax the rest of the weekend. i LOVE him!!

sunday we spent the morning cleaning the bedroom which desperately needed it, i threw away, organized, gave away, and stored a lot of stuff so the room looks 20 pounds lighter now! and no, its still not done.  not even close! i blame it on my headaches.
in the afternoon we got ready & went to my parents house-we went to the fabric store & home depot to get the supplies for the entertainment center we got.  i love how it turned out!

 this is the entertainment center before....i love how all the compartments are different sizes, it makes storing stuff so easy! but i hate that you were able to see all the wires from all our systems back them!
 so, we wrapped my fabric of choice around a piece of wood cut to size, and it turned out just how i pictured! magno drilled small holes in the back for the wires, and now everything looks wireless which i love! it also gave it some contrast too.
heres a close up of the fabric in the back. you'll notice it doesnt match the rest of the living room (if youve been in my living room before) & that means that a redo is coming:) fun for me, hell for magno.

another change is/was our dining room.  i knew how much work my new class was gunna be (the teacher said about 20 hours of work a week) so i knew i'd need a "workstation". we have a desk and a desktop computer but it just isnt enough space for me to spread out my stuff & work! so i was browsing good old craigslist & found a glass desk with the word LOVE printed all over the glass in every language. it was LOVE at first sight and we picked it up the next day.  It now sits in our dining room while our dining room table(that was NEVER used) sits in storage. 

life as i know it is over thanks to this one accounting class=/

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