Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The hardest decision EVER!

ok, maybe not EVER..but for the moment. I cant decide how i want to wear my hair for the wedding!!!!!!!!! i know i want a white flower & veil if possible, without looking too overdone...but I dont know anything else! I'd prefer to wear it up since its more elegant to me, but really it could end up down, or half up half down! i have such problems, huh?:) Here are some looks that i like....feel free to leave me a comment & let me know which one you like! maybe i'll just take votes and pick the one with the most! THATS how undecided i am!

I like this, but i'd do a side part:)
I like the idea of a side bun with a big flower and veil underneath that
This is just pretty, clean, and classic i think..maybe TOO plain though?

Also, i ordered my wedding gown!!!! I Cant wait for everyone to see it! I cant wait to wear it! I cant wait to find accessories to go with it! I JUST CANT WAIT!!!!!=)

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