Sunday, August 29, 2010

im back!

Its been so long since i've blogged, i actually forgot my username & password! sorry blog! I have a good excuse though. ever since I started school I have been so busy keeping up with my classes & still trying to plan my dream wedding in 4 months! i have to admit though, the craziness is a little fun;)

We've done a 360 degree change since the last time i blogged! We completely changed the wedding venue & date.

The changing of the date was not so warmly welcomed as the changing of the venue. I just didnt have a choice because the "new place" was already booked for 12-11-10. I am still really sad about that since i had already become attached to that date as OUR WEDDING DAY! but i figure the new date, 12-3-10, will be really meaningful too since i'll now have a beautiful wedding to remember it by!

the "old place" aka waverly chapel, just wont cut it. while the church is gorgeous, the reception place isnt. I met with a contractor and to drape the room in fabric to cover the hideous wood beams, it would cost $6k! thats just not doable and i really didnt want to sacrafice the look i wanted. I have to say, there was a day when i just realized that i didnt want to get married there since it wasnt absolutely perfect in every way, and once i realized that, i had a mini meltdown! magno to the rescue though, we got online & i found the new place within a few minutes....i had seen it before but always thought it was out of our budget. well, it was out of our OLD budget....but now we have a new budget! not because we won the lotto or anything, but because we went for a tour of the place & fell in love so we just raised the bar a bit to be able to have the wedding there. after booking it, i felt so calm, relieved, excited, and optimistic that my wedding would be exactly what i wanted! what a great feeling that was. and what a great fiance i have for going through all these crazy emotions with me, doubling our budget, negotiating prices....everything! 12-3-10 couldnt come sooner.

Just a little side note, the fact that the new date is a friday kinda scares me, i wasnt sure a lot of people would be able to make it...but it saved us a LOT of money & a lot of people told me it'd be nice to have a friday wedding to start off the weekend. so friday it is!

Since we booked the venue, ive gotten a lot of other things done. I met with the caterer & baker along with megan and my mom, and we loved the cake and food so i booked them right away. It wasn't hard making all the decisions without magno because as it turns out, im not too picky!!a few days later, i met with my wedding planner at the venue and we set up my wedding day timeline & the layout of the rooms. I cant wait for you guys to see this place, its so unique & amazing!

the next big things on my checklist are to book an officiant, book the DJ, and look up some limo or car rentals.

We decided to take a very mini honeymoon to a hotel on the water in long beach, 2 miles away from the venue. We did this for 2 reasons: THEY ACCEPT PETS! did you really think we could leave kramer, even for our honeymoon?!?! the second reason is that i know we will be SO tired after the wedding & not want to drive all the way home or anywhere else farther for that matter. We chose a really nice hotel & it will at least let us relax for a day or two after a crazy 4 months! We just arent vacation-y people....magno still has to work, and i still have to go to school & take care of kramer, the world wont stop after were married! it will be back to magno working his butt off so we can buy a house asap!!!

Im SO excited for the upcoming wedding events, i really really wish i was december!

on a side note, i found out on the first week of school that both of my finals are the week of my wedding. great timing, teachers!!

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