Thursday, July 29, 2010

I've been inspired!!

Im not sure why I didn't think of this before, but I'm glad our photographer Michelle Sullivan got the wheels in my head turning:) She did a blog to help raise money for clean water in places that need it. She offered free wedding photography to a couple willing to register with her charity instead of registering for wedding gifts. What a BRILLIANT idea! I immediately googled a few places and found a place called I talked (ok, texted) it over with magno, and we both agreed that this is what we really want to do. It was hard for me to register at target because i honestly couldn't think of stuff to "get". we dont NEED anything, we've been SO blessed & all our needs have been met. So we are very excited to announce that instead of getting us crap that i'll probably break in a few months, you can now help out our favorite charities. I'm going to delete the target registry & want NOTHING but donations!! This is better for everyone! There is only a $10 minimum donation, and with 60 guests, thats potentially $600 to help feed abused animals or foster them. and of course, the bigger the donation, the better!! so now people wont have to spend as much on the wedding gift, they wont have to wrap gifts saving not only time and money, but TREES, and most of all, you are helping the animals!

Thanks to Michelle for the great idea!!=)

To donate, just go to JUSTGIVE.ORG & go to "wedding charity" then type in katherine morrell & a list of the charities we chose will come up.

Through that site, I got some great ideas like donating the leftover wedding food to a local food bank & donating the flowers to a hospital or senior home to cheer people up=)

Happy donating!

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