Thursday, July 15, 2010


No, I haven't been blog neglecting because of being too busy,or anything like that. I just really have nothing to blog about. sad, but true. Well, we are currently VERY busy, but I haven't done one thing wedding related in TOO long. We are oh-so-busy moving at the moment. our main goal in life(haha) is to buy a house, so the new place lets us save about $400 a month JUST on rent. this horrible, awful, HOT, HOT heat doesn't help us move any quicker. as i type, im surrounded by chaos & its really starting to freak me out! i have a record breaking headache right now as well. I can't wait to get organized & back into bridezilla mode! i got my save the dates in the mail so I need to start looking for appropriate sized envelopes soon. then they will be going out & I can start working on the invitations. I found the perfect reception site a while ago, the only problem is(& of course, there HAS to be at least one problem), it only seats 35 people. obviously, its a very intimate space which i LOVE! but at the moment, my guest list sits firm at 67 people. whats a bride to do!?

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