Thursday, July 1, 2010

It was bound to happen sometime!

I can't have a wedding planning blog & not have at least whining, complaining, stressful post, right? Well, brace yourselves, cause here it comes!

Up until now, I haven't been stressed about the wedding. Magnos been doing GREAT at his job, and has been taking on FULL financial responsibility. I've been recieving unemployment which really helps with just the odds & ends of everyday expenses. I've been really, really, really blessed to be able to not work & live as comfortably as i do.

but thats gone now!

they finally passed a bill that will cut off millions of people recieving unemployment. worst.timing.EVER!!!!

life is all about readjusting to your circumstances, and thats what we'll have to do. We are thinking of moving someplace much cheaper to save money on rent. we'll also save gas money since its closer to magnos work. its not as nice or big as what we have now, but we'll adjust.

i will now have to get a full time job to make as much as I was making on unemployment. so, school might be out of the question which really upsets me! i have 4 classes till i graduate and was planning on taking all 4 of those classes this semester. now, i'll be lucky to take 1!

another big issue for me is that i'll have to give up my lifestyle! i really enjoy cleaning & cooking. I remember when I had a full time job, those things were the least of my worries! i'll no longer be able to provide magno with a homecooked meal everynight. there just wont be time or energy. thats something we'll both miss!

all of those things are enough to deal with, but remember, i also have to execute my dream wedding under all these new circumstances.

Im still oh so thankful for everything i have because i know it could be SO much worse. i just needed to vent! we always figure something out.

It's not like we'll be living on the streets or anything even close to that, its just a step backward towards our main goal of buying a house.

thank god for magnos job & his ability to provide no matter what! hes amazing:)

so thats the story, stay tuned!

p.s. I've been working with a designer & we came up with my dream wedding invitation! simple enough yet so beautiful! Best part is, i just have to purchase the actual design then the rest is DIY which = US SAVING MONEY!!!!!! can't wait to send these bad boys out!

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