Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DJs, flowers, and officiants..oh my!

Today, I got a lot done! I love having a productive wedding day!:)

I contacted a few florists,makeup artists, officiants, the limo service, and the DJ. We will be meeting with each of them in the following weeks & im really excited to check these big things off my list!

I am having trouble finding an officiant though. For some odd reason, all of them seem creepy to me!! I know, im weird, but they all have a creep factor about them and it makes me hesitant to book one! I dont want ANY doubts about the person we choose because for me, the ceremony is the most important part & i want it to be perfect!

We are meeting with a DJ tomorrow night-so, as you can tell..i caved! Originally i didnt want the DJ and wanted to just have a classy, tasteful dinner reception. But, we have the venue for 5 hours so i want to take advantage! this DJ is the only one i plan on contacting too. Brizedilla knows what brizedilla wants and bridezilla wants this guy! So hopefully his prices are what i have in mind. Hes so much different that other ones ive seen & i know it will be a lot of fun. Also, i just HAVE to have a first dance with magno. Not only is it a great photo opp, but its so meaningful & precious! ok let me stop there before i get too cheesy!

Hope everyone has a great week & a relaxing weekend! We will be having fun since we're going to a wedding on saturday and sunday im going to a wedding show! The more wedding related activities I put in my schedule, the happier i am!:)

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