Monday, November 19, 2012

This weekend was home improvement weekend around here. and its about darn time!  Since we originally moved into this place in february 2010, we didn't have baseboards.  We took them off to do the wood floor and they just never got put back on.  However, this weekend, we magno did it!  We started off with the long wall the connects our living room & kitchen.  This one was particularly bad because it didnt have baseboards on 95% of it, then the other 5% had the original brown baseboards along with exposed cable wire.  Seriously, how did I ever have people over with it looking like this!?
So my job was to pound out some of the dry wall in order for the cable wire to be able to fit under & hide easily.
Then I left that job to go to the store & get food for fight night.  Yes I know im crazy to think that its normal to tear apart the house and host fight night all in the same day.  

When I got home, Magno had done a lot of work and the place was already looking so much better!
 After putting away all the food and prepping it, I got to work on the massive patch project.  When we moved in, the previous renters had a shelf up on the wall, randomly placed, for the microwave.  It was so stupid.  So last spring we ripped that down (which was really hard since it they painted around it and on tops of the screws!) so it left some major holes.  We finally went to home depot and got the color match, so I was able to fix it & breathe a lot easier once it was done!

By the end of Sunday, we were able to have the whole place (minus the bedrooms....which will be part 2....most likely another 2 years later....) and the results were nothing short of amazing!  Well, to me they were!  To most people, its just baseboard! 

Then today, the happiness continued when my new oven arrived!  I've been wanting a new one for a while now since the one we were using was the landlords & most likely about 30 years old.  It worked, but it was gross.  I stalked the internet for months waiting for a good sale & saved up reward points so we could get an extra good deal, and we got it!  For something I use every single day, the price we finally got it for was amazing & it'll get lots of use, thats for sure. 
before & after with the new paint, baseboards, and oven.  
Now I can enjoy thanksgiving properly, because YES, not having baseboards bothered me THAT much!;)

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