Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pinterest love.

cookbooks are SO 2010(not even that, really!) My new form of "cookbook" or finding any new recipes, is my beloved PINTEREST. My food board is one of the biggest boards ive made, and it keeps growing..just like my gut after making some of these delicious things!

I saw this & thought of the butter and biscuits from lucielles.
so naturally, i had to make it.  it was really easy to make & now i have a big batch for lazy mornings like today. throw it on some warm biscuits and you're done!
this particular recipe was made almost immediately after i saw it..i LOVE caprese salad & this is a fun twist to that.
i made mine with some chicken and quinoa, & it was really really really good! will definitely be making it again.
this next one was realllly good & healthy. my husband loved it so that says a lot!
i couldn't find chick peas at the store so i swapped out canellini beans instead.  I also used a little less cumin than it calls for.

now if i could only be as motivated to do all the cute stuff in the home decor section, i'd have a really cute apartment!!

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Shannon Olson said...

All of this food look supper yummy! I love the look of that salad too yum =)

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Trying to get a little something started =)