Tuesday, August 2, 2011

1st time blogging from irvine!

We havent ONLY been moving lately...thank god! if that were the case, we'd go crazy! magno got to take a little much deserved break & go to k1 with his work friends.  he didn't place first but he did come home with blisters on his hands from the steering wheel!
we also got to go to the rage against the machine concert! we bought tickets a long time ago & had to choice but to go after an already loonnng day of moving.  we were really tired but once we got there and realized that every single person there was drunk, high, and "raging"...we woke up a little and fought our way through the crowds of people.  we found our seats and realized they were in the middle...i had a little freak out moment because of the amount of people there and the type of concert it was...i pictured us getting trampled in a mosh pit & thats when we decided to just go stand near the exit for the whole concert.  It actually worked out well cause we were able to get out first & get to our car before all the traffic.  ive never been to a concert like that before!! it was INSANE!! we looked out of place because we didnt have a a drink or a joint in our hand...people were starting fires in the crowd....the mosh pits were huge and crazy....it was SO not like the spice girls concert i went to haha! but, it was actually the best concert i've been to.  they were so good live.  it was really fun after i stopped panicking :)  heres some video of them performing my favorite song of theirs.  you can see the mosh pits once the lights go up...THATS the type of people that were there!!!

and heres some pictures from the concert

now on to the moving part=/ our move way delayed a couple days because we didnt think to reserve a uhaul truck & once we called a million places, we learned that at the end of the month LOTS of people move & that there were no trucks for us.  So we couldn't get a truck until saturday (even though our move in day was thursday).  And even then we couldnt get the size we wanted, we basically had an f250 from home depot which was still kinda small for all the stuff we needed it to haul.  magno took this picture of me driving it home on the freeway because he said it looked ridiculous for a tiny girl to be driving a huge truck haha.

moving the appliances took so help from our trusty movers aka friends hector and roberto

After getting everything in & mostly unpacked, we were finally able to stay for the first time at the new place.  and it ended up raining our very first day!

now, for the most part, we are settled in.  still decorating and doing a bit of organizing but its better than living out of boxes like we've been doing for weeks! i even had my first apartment guests yesterday! my coworker sam & his pup cinnamon! they even brought me a little housewarming gift, which was PERFECT because soap was one of the little things i overlooked when packing=/

i know i said i'd do a more detailed apartment tour today but i lied=) i'll do it tomorrow cause right now i have to get ready to go to the grocery store & buy tons of stuff so i can cook my little heart out this week.  something that sucks most about moving is that you lack good home cooked meals for too long!!

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