Wednesday, August 3, 2011

maybe if i post pictures of the unfinished apartment it will get me motivated to actually finish it! so here goes!

heres the kitchen..actually this is done, theres not much to decorate in a kitchen!

here is the bathroom. im on the hunt for a really cute shower curtain...its been surprisingly hard! i did grab that bathmat though which i LOVE. if you notice its the same as the one in the kitchen. i got them both for $10 at homegoods! gotta love it. i like the clean colors and simple lines. i saw something similar at bed bath and beyond for $20(each!) so im glad i grabbed these.

here is the view of the living looks so much more boring and WHITE in person! im waiting on my canvas photos to arrive to start hanging stuff on the walls. but i love the way the couch fits in the space, it worked out perfectly and we definately don't regret our decision to not have a dining area. as you can see, the space would be way to small for that. I still need to get a new coffee table though. the one from the old place is round and HUGE! it would fit awkwardly and make the room feel really cluttered.

here is the desk area behind the couch. I wasn't sure i'd like this but i really do! its a perfect fit and its already been used a lot. those lace curtains probably wont stay...but thats ok because they are only tucked behind the blinds haha. they are so girly and sweet and bridal:) but i thinnk they'll go better in the bedroom. I think the living room will need some colored curtains.

here is the other side of the couch, as you can see there is a TV box there right now. that will soon be replaced by some barstools. im also on the hunt for those. i want backless ones so that you can't see the top of them when you walk in the apartment. this place is too small for a ton of furniture!

heres the closet in our bedroom. so nice to have a walk in closet again. it still needs to be color coordinated and organized, but we basically jus threw everything in to get it out of my car where it had been for 2 weeks. my poor clothes.

heres the bedroom. its definitely tight in there but it works. we hated our current bed frame so we are also on the hunt for one of those...the bedframe we had was so bulky and masculine and we bought it spur of the moment in our first apartment just so we'd have a bed to sleep in! its time for a new one. we want white and we want a headboard, thats our only 2 requirements. i want a really calming peaceful bedroom so im gunna keep it all light colors, im gunna spray paint that black frame white and hang it above the bed...and maybe magno will let me bring in light pink accents:) i also am gunna repaint the dresser, it needs a fresh coat of white & new crystal handles.

living room from behind the couch we love the 10 ft ceilings because it lets in much more light and feels so much bigger that way.

heres the litte hallway to the bedroom. i hung that picture up yesterday with my new favorite product: command photo hanging strips! they are genious.  perfect for apartment living so we dont have to patch up any holes before we leave. and perfect for me too since i change things weekly!

so theres the apartment & what we plan to do with it.  im off to craigslist to look for barstools & a coffee table!
p.s. i live 3 minutes from homegoods....i will be there A LOT.


Lacey said...

I love the new place, looks so nice! The new couch looks so good! For the bar stools, I actually found nice backless ones at Ross. They call them saddle seats I think, they were only $20. Cant wait to come visit soon =)

Life After Marriage said...

i think i bought the exact ones you're talkin about haha! i posted pix...they were $28 each but they match the color of our cabinets perfectly..and the height is perfect too. looveee me some ross.