Thursday, July 28, 2011

movin' on up

heyyyy yaaaaa'wwwwllllll (in paula deans crazy annoying voice)

Just wanted to write a quickie blog before our total moving madness begins! because it is ALWAYS madness when we move.
Thursday night we got a nice little night out with some friends for dinner. it was lacey and gibsons late birthday so it was fun to have the BP crew together for the most part:) we ate at yardhouse & the food was so good!

of course my eyes are closed..why would they be open??

Today we had to go to the new place and sign all the paperwork.   Magno met me there on his lunch break & helped me unload a few things that i was able to stuff into the car while we waited for our cable and internet to be installed.  This was the first time id seen the actual apartment and i really like it.  its small but its all we need:)  here is the view from our living room window.
and heres a bad picture of the bathroom, but its just to show the nice granite and fixtures and stuff:) so much nicer than what we're used to!

& heres the closet, which is the first thing i started with. if you know me you know that i need my clothes & my cable.

tomorrow we're renting the uhaul & hopefully gettin' er' done!

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