Monday, July 25, 2011

Magno's 26th Birthday Weekend

We had so much summery fun this weekend for magnos birthday! i LOVE birthdays, i LOVE celebrating!!
We began Friday night by going out to see Captain America.  It was SO good, magno loved it & we had fun eating out pretzels in the first row of the movie theatre since it was so crowded:) 
I wish i would have been organized enough to plan something in advance, but it ended up being me running to the store & party city while magno worked half a day on saturday.  I only had a few hours to get everything done so it was a good thing i had megan to help me.  I wanted to make his favorite, bacon wrapped dogs, for dinner.  that evolved into a a BBQ, cake, and a little captain america theme. 
Later that night, we grilled the hot dogs, & potato wedges while eating in his party area haha
we laughed so hard when we thought of this to decorate the other wall with.  it was Magno's first bday with his social security #! we just had to.  to make it even funnier, I spelled Captain AND citizen wrong.  SO MUCH FAIL!!

my mom cookin the dogs..this was actually the foil catching on fire.  we sent this pic to my dad whos in WA on vacation & he probably thought we were all drunk haha.

after dinner we went inside for cake & presents (a day early because my mom was leaving for Washington the next day & i wanted magno to be able to wear one of his gifts on his birthday!)
the first cake of the weekend.  looks a mess but it was AMAZING. red velvet cake topped with chocolate ice cream and fresh strawberries. magno LOVED it, said it was the best cake he ever

Sunday was his actual birthday!  I woke up SO early that day after my mom left for the airport..1. because i heard her leaving and 2. because i wanted to make magno a birthday breakfast.  I made him steak, eggs, and then i cut up the grilled potato wedges from the night before and fried those up to go with it.  it was so good!

after breakfast (but more towards lunch!) we headed out to Legoland!  Magno could care less about the rest of the park, he just wanted to see the star wars stuff! We only stayed a few hours but we had fun. We were glad it wasnt too crowded or too hot!

After that, we came home for even more cake!

It was a fun birthday weekend but now back to reality! we move on Friday & basically need to get it mostly done in 1 day.  We are going to a concert in LA on Saturday & I go back to work on Sunday.  Let's see how this goes haha!


Lacey said...

looks like a great birthday! The words spelled wrong on the wall are so funny! I really should have tried that cake when I was over yesterday, it looks so good.

Shannon Olson said...

The cake looks really yummy! Is there a recipe for that?
Good luck with the move, I would be happy if I never had to move again!