Tuesday, June 28, 2011

got a little behind on my daily posts in the last few days..i was busy working weddings and sorry blog but weddings will ALWAYS come first!:) Its worth it though, other vendors have started recognizing me & giving me compliments which i LOVE! I really work my butt off at weddings and try to network with all the other vendors so I can have good relationships in the industry.  Heres a couple nice words from 2 photographers last week:

the second one is from the gorgeous wedding in dana point that we did, you saw it in this post from the view of my iphone but heres the MUCH nicer professional pictures from the awesome gavin wade!he shoots a lot of weddings at the ebell club(our wedding venue!) so i follow his blog..its nice to see my name on it!=)

the wedding on saturday was gorgeous as well. cant WAIT for those professional pix cause they are from a NY photographer who flew it for this wedding & hes one of the best in the industry!  heres some of my iphone pictures of it though for now:) it was a realllly high budget wedding which are always the most amount of work but SO worth it!

the next day we went San Juan Capistrano with magnos & brother.  We went to the mission and explored that a bit then came home and got junk food and watched movies.  I capped off the night with a major migraine and was dead to the world after that:)

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