Monday, April 18, 2011

cheers to 7 years!

last week was a busy one! in between our normal working schedules we had a lot of other little things goin on...helping a friend move, wedding planning for a longtime friend (so exciting!), immigration stuff....but we made it through & are back into another work week!

My aunt sharon came down from Washington & we got to meet up with her & the rest of the family for dinner near Disneyland.

Here I am working at the studio, I took this cause i thought i wouldnt have any other pictures for my blog & we all know blogs with no pictures are boorringg! and the more pictures the better!

We finally got some nice summer weather so me and megan decided that friday needed to be a beach day.  Gibson texted me on our way out the door & was in town so he came & met up with us! After the beach we went to freds for a late lunch.  It was a nice day, but im now regretting it because of the major sunburn on my back!

Saturday was a gorrrrgeous, warm, sunny day! I worked a wedding at the OC mining company that day.
since it's fairly close to me I volunteered to go pick everything up after the i got home around 12:30pm & fell asleep almost immediately.  I think I slept wrong or soemthing because Sunday morning I woke up feeling awful..just completely achy and my head hurt...I tried to shake it off but it got the best of me=( It was too gorgeous out though so i threw on some big sunglasses & we took a quick walk to the circle for the car show.  
about 15 minutes of that was too much for me so we came back home and did this the rest of the day
i hate wasting a beautfiul sunny day with a headache!!=( we wanted to have that day to do something fun for our 7 year anniversary(which is actually today!) But that just didnt happen=( Oh well, its still been an amazing 7 years & even if i had a headache every single day(which i basically do), I'd stll be the luckiest gal in the world!<3

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Lacey said...

So busy and you still make time to blog! I love the OC mining co, reminds me I need to go eat there soon. Happy 7 years to you =)