Sunday, January 2, 2011

goodbye 2010

happy 2011! heres whats been going on the last few days at casa jimenez.

wednesday we met up with our good friend hilarie at rutas.  the last time me and annie saw her was at the wedding & we desperately needed a good old fashion trash talking sesh:) every time i see her im reminding of how awesome she is and what a good person she is.  she has volunteered places since i've known her & still to this day with a full time job, she volunteers as a big sister. she really amazes me!that night we also got the carpet cleaned! finally! we hadn't since we moved in here, as discusting as that is! when the carpet guy was working his magic i went to lowes for bedroom paint because thats been needing a good makeover for a while too.  that day was also hectors birthday so he came over for in and out:)
me and hilarie at yummy rutas

thursday was my uncles bday at outback steakhouse!we met with most of my moms side of the family there & had a great time....just fyi they have DELICIOUS salmon!
uncle denny blowing out his candle. note to self:take actual camera everywhere & stop using iPhone!

friday i painted.  magno got off work early though and was able to finish up for me:)

i absolutely love the color, finally! i always hate the colors i choose once they are on the walls!!! thanks to lacey for giving me the idea:) the room is still in the works but i think after some new lamps it should be picture ready:) after finishing the painting i headed out to the store to get everything for my new years eve dinner.  it turned out really good & we had a relaxing night at home wathcing tv & eating-& we topped it all of with a kiss at midnight(kramer got one too!)
after dinner waiting for midnight!
kramer and dad got sleepy waiting..

Saturday i spent most of the day cooking and cleaning getting ready for fight night. its not until fight night that i realize how much i absolutely hate our apartment! we only had like 10 people over but it just made the apartment close up even more. i cant WAIT to get a house that is great for entertaining cause i loveee me some parties.

today has been a cold rainy day hanging out around the house-sam, hector, and magnos dad have been here most of the day so we've been, again, watching movies & eating! however, we are doing good on our new years resolution of eating healthier.  I made chicken vegetable soup from dinner with more veggies than chicken, and I stocked up on oatmeal, raw almonds, fruits, veggies, water, and whole grain stuff at the store. no drastic changes just healthier:)

i was exciting to get my book that i ordered in the mail of our whole wedding experience! its filled with pix of our engagement, our courthouse "wedding" in may, our engagment party, my bridal shower, and of course the wedding! even though i'll have picture of the wedding in every frame i own soon, its nice to have a few pics from each event in one place.

stay tuned for bedroom redo pix!

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