Tuesday, December 28, 2010

new years resolutions....

.....are NEVER kept in this house. but they are always really good in theory. here are a few of mine/ours!

1. get a job in the wedding industry!!! i already started on this one by applying at THE KNOT cooperate office.  I dont want to get back into a full time job, EVER again because I realized that I dont want to spend that much time away from my family & kramer! life is just too short.  if i died tomorrow, i would hate to have spent my last day alive at work with people i hate. hahah, kinda morbid but its the truth. this kinda reinforces another goal of mine for 2011-to stop being so paranoid that anything and everything will result in the death of me or a loved one!!! not sure when i picked up this annoying habit, but id like it to leave!

2.finish school-im so close yet so far away! Im done with my business classes and only have 3 classes till i can graduate, and im already enrolled in 1.  so hoefully i can do them, pass, and graduate!

3. this one is a mutual goal for me and magno, and thats home ownership! we know the smart thing to do is to stay in our rental as long as we can to save up as much as we can for a down payment, so thats what we plan on doing. however, magno is really interested in real estate news & happenings, and after lots of research thinks that next winter will be the best time financially for us to buy & that the market will be at its lowest.  but, it is unpredictable for the most part, so we'll see what happens.  We really want to buy a condo or townhouse and fix it up so that we can rent it out later and make a profit. typical magno, always the business man! (i really cant complain though because all that home improvement stuff gets me absolutely giddy!)

4.the last one is always on the list & has yet to happen! start eating healthier! neither of us necessarily want to lose weight, but its just a healthier lifestyle that can have positive effects on your whole life! So goodbye to hot cheetos & cream cheese, hello fruit & water!

Seems like every year with magno gets better and better so im excited to see what 2011 holds.  But I think its safe to say that 2010 will always go down (in our book) as the best year in history because of our wedding<3

me and kramer, New Years 2008

New Years 2009

new years 2010-sick as a dog & dying of pain from an infected tooth-so not fun.

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