Tuesday, December 21, 2010

christmas countdown

So many Christmas-ey things have been happening! I LOVE it! However, im already counting down the days till valentines day:)

Friday me and megan baked all day because A: we were going to Lacey's party that night and B: it was raining. raining=baking. We made cookies, cupcakes, and brownies to take over while lacey made yummy BBQ chicken sandwhiches & mashies.  We spent the night catching up & hanging out....me and magno always joke that we can't see lacey's son dean too often because hes SO cute that it makes us want to have kids!(even though we know thats not real haha).  Dean got a hold of my camera and took 147 pictures of himself then when i jumped in to show him how to change the camera around and he realized he took a picture with me in it, he was amazed! hes just so freakin' adorable.
us in front of laceys pretty tree

my contribution:)
baby dean <3's iphone

The next day was supposed to be spent christmas shopping but we were so lazy that we didnt get out till almost 3 and of course the mall was packed! we got a few things and rushed out.  We headed over to target and had a nice romantic dinner consisting of hot dogs and icees then finished just about all of our shopping. The rain continued so we went home to watch The Town on our big beautfiul TV. And by the way ,that movie is AWESOME!

Sunday morning we overslept and i had less than 45 minutes to get dolled up for magnos work brunch! I hate when I do that.  It was at scotts seafood in costa mesa & they went all out! They rented out two huge rooms, had an open bar, an omlette station, a dessert station, flower arrangements, christmas decor, chivari chairs(like the ones at our wedding), & even prizes to win(one being a 47 inch flat screen tv!).  We had a lot of fun...Magno's made some really good friends at the office & it was nice meeting some of them and their wives.  It was also SO exciting being introduced to everyone as a WIFE! its so official;) I had a little bit too much fun though and was pretty tipsy by the time we left.  My moms birthday was the next day and her bday present was on hold as best buy, so with heels on, rain, and alcohol in me..i was waddling around best buy like a nut case.  We got out alive & i came straight home to lay down! They had a professional photogorapher there so once i get those pictures i'll post them, but we did take one picture before we left. 
they cleared out all the furniture from this room and set up all the food...the bar is there in the back...it was awesome!

us at home with our tree before the party

After i stuffed my stomach with saltines & rested for a while, we were back out the door to my aunts fondue christmas party! she has such a cool house, everything is vintage & cute...we always have fun over there! It was actually the house my dad grew up in...when my grandparents moved to washington, my dads brother bought it from them...that house is filled with memories for my dad!
me, megan, and even magno at my aunts fondue party

On Monday, me and annie spent all day in the kitchen ( yeah, my kitchen was a complete mess by monday night) making irish beef stew and birthday cake for my mom. As soon as the guys were ready we braved the rain & traffic to get to my parents house where we ate & watched home alone!  We also gave my mom her gift of course-a NOOK! me, annie, and megan all want one now=)
magno and jon being normal

my mom opening her gift

5 of the 6 dogs beggin for cake!

the next post will probably be a christmas one...i cant believe it!!!

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Lacey said...

Looks like you guys are having lots of Christmas fun! I like Magno's sweater, I wish I could get Bub to wear one like that! Thanks for coming over and brining all the goodies, I have your platter! Oh yeah and I took the extra cupcakes to Bub's family party the next day and people went hog wild on them haha.
What a lucky mom, I want a nook!