Sunday, October 17, 2010

just a little update

Well, less than 2 months to go and i still dont have an officiant for the wedding! im not gunna lie-its freaking me out! i hate not having everything done...but what can i do when i CANT FIND an officiant i like?! they're kinda a big part of the day so it has to be the right person! i also have to hire a florist to do my boquet and the bridesmaids as well as the corsages and boutonnieres for our parents. That too, has been challenging because i havent found the right person. Nothing is up to my standards. I even had one florist respond to my email saying that getting a white peony boquet would be impossible!! well, first of all..its NOT...yes they are out of season but they are IN season somewhere! so if they have to fly them in, fine-but thats what i want. then she told me that white roses would be the next choice since they look alike. since when do a rose and a peony look alike?!? unbelievable. ok, a little bit of my bridezilla just came out but its bound to happen some times!:)

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