Monday, June 21, 2010

i live in wedding world!

A few updates from my crazy, long, expensive, wedding planning LIFE! yes, is totally consumed by wedding details! that might seem like a complaint, but i really do love it. This week will be especially crutial because I want to book the church & reception venue. Basically everything else depends on those 2 things. I spent 6 straight hours on the computer this weekend but it paid off. I found the cutest save the dates! at first i wasnt going to even do save the dates, but these are just so cute i couldn't resist! I also decided on the theme for the wedding.....vintage spanish! i love love love all things vintage and all things spanish, so i am working hard to make my dream come to life! I also ordered 2 sample invitations. The invites are VERY important to me because its basically like a first impression! so i hope they look as good in person and that we can look into ordering a full set soon. I have a very exciting, modern, different, and FUN place in mind for the reception...after going over the information they sent me, im really excited to go there with magno to see about booking it. the only thing is, i cant find time to go with magno! they only have event planners there on workdays...and..well...he works! =/ i especially want him there as the negotiator! im pretty spineless for the most part, but i know when it comes to our wedding i'll man up! but it'd still be nice to have him there:) he is my fiance after all!

im also throwing around the idea of getting a wedding planner(gasp!) I never thought id want one because ITS MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY and i dont want to give anyone the chance of screwing it up, especially someone i dont even know! BUT, im also not going to want to be setting up candles, directing guests, or diverting problems on my wedding day. so im really torn in that area. the church has a wedding planner available, but i can NEVER reach her over the phone so i hate her already & sure as heck ain't gunna pay her to be unreachable & unreliable! we'll see how this pans out...

so far, everythings been positive in my wedding planning experiences & i hope it STAYS THAT WAY!!

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