Friday, June 25, 2010

dun dun dunnnnnnnnn..

finally, the daunting task of registering is done! i was not anticipating how hard & annoying it would be. theres nothing we really NEED, and to be honest, i feel kind of guilty asking for anything! in my opinion, its no one elses duty to buy us gifts. as cheesy as it sounds, i really am lucky enough to have such a supportive, loving, amazing fiance. BUT, registering is tradition, and since people usually get new couples gifts anyways, we might as well help them out in the process since some people (LIKE ME!) hate giving impersonal giftcards! I really tried hard to pick reasonably priced things but my inner diva slipped a few times:) its thrilling for me to even put the pricier things on the list, even if i dont get them!! i know, im weird!

the wedding registry will be included in the wedding invitation, but here it is if you wanna look around a little early:) and to be honest, im kind of proud of it:) its one thing off the wedding checklist and thats always a good thing!

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