Thursday, June 7, 2012

another week, another migraine!  my friday was completely ruined by one of the worst migraines ive ever had.  i woke up in so much pain, and i knew then that it would be the longest day ever.  eventually i started throwing up from the pain, and then I couldn't stop..even water was coming was so discusting & draining.  I also got my first anxiety attack during the migraine, so yeah..that was nice.  I think it was because the pain was so bad and I was home alone...and I just knew that there was no my heart started pounding & and my fingers were going numb, and i just felt horrible.  So I stayed like that the entire day, trying to sleep as much as I could but only took about 2 naps that only lasted 15 minutes each.  I kept getting woken up by my body telling me hey its time to throw up again! All while I was having the worst day of my life, magno was at the St. Regis Hotel in Dana Point! how unfair is that?! His work has major incentives for the consultants doing well each month, and this month they are doing REALLY well, so the company paid for party buses to come get everyone and take them to a 3 course lunch at the beach.  JEALOUS!!
finally when magno got home I knew I needed help so we rushed over to the little clinic I usually go to in Costa Mesa before they closed.  A shot in the butt & 2 prescriptions later I was back home...but not before throwing up in the car on the way home which was just about the most unpleasant thing ever.  I woke up saturday feeling the typical migraine hangover, but at least I was finally able to eat and get out of bed.  I started feeling gradually better so we took kramer to the park and i took a blanket and layed in the sun.  After we got home my friend marylou came over to visit (i had to cancel on her friday so even if i wasnt feeling well i wasnt gunna cancel again on saturday!) and we ordered pizza, gossiped, and drank some skinny girl. well, she drank...i had 2 sips cause i didnt want it to affect me already fuzzy feeling in my head.

 Then on Sunday I woke up kinda sick again, just feeling gross and out of it.  I stayed home all day & just tried to rest.  I wasnt able to eat much cause my stomach hurt the entire day...magno thinks i gave myself an ulcer by throwing up so much stomach acid or whatever its called.

So after all that, I decided its finally time to do something about my headaches.  I know that lots of my headaches are caused by my teeth clenching, which i do all the time..and i even diagnosed myself with TMJ as a result of it.  So on Tuesday I went to a hollistic dr.  He said I was right, that I have TMJ, and that I have major issues when it comes to dealing with stress & that its taking a toll on my health. We set up and appointment for the next day & I felt better just knowing that I was on the road to getting help.  So yesterday I got to my appointment & first thing I had to do was get accessed with my body movement...he had me do some balancing stuff and stretching stuff....and he was surprised about how much i couldn't do!  He said he wants me to start strength training...which magno has been telling me forever! Then we went back to another room where I layed on a massage bed type thing and he put a big vibrating thing all over my neck and jaw to loosen the muscles and get them "talking"  He spent quite a bit of time working on my neck because he said it was really bad, super tight and lots of knots.  He moved to my jaw and told me its also really tight and that its gunna take a while to undo all the damage i've done.  Then he got to crackin...he only cracked my neck twice & i was so scared but he explained everything to me & put me at ease.  I really really love this dr so far, hes so positive & since hes hollistic he's really into yoga and all that and gives me relaxation tips while hes loosening my muscles...hes also like a therapist too and hes really wants to get to the root of why im clenching my jaw so much, and why im handling stress so poorly.  I was really sore that night when I got home & he said if I am to put an ice pack on the base of my neck & practice breathing from my belly..something he noticed while stretching me...that i hardley breathe...he said one main thing of relaxation is deep cleansing breaths...and that I just breathe like its a chore, fast & almost trying to get it over with! which i can totally see now.  So i did the ice and breathing and felt better.  Im willing to do anything and everything he tells me to do so i took his advice and slept with the tv off for the first time in ages!  he said that will interrupt a deep sleep for me which i knew but never cared about!  So overall hes going to help me fix my body and more importantly my crazy mind! I am pretty hopeful and I hope I get to the point where I dont have to cancel things because of my headaches.  He told me coconut water is really good for you so i went and got some of that...tastes like urine but oh well!
Magnos job is going really well, he's only been there a month and already getting rave reviews from clients!
I officially want to work at his company.  In the past month, theyve had amazing catered lunches at least 6 times...from cheesecake factory, tulsa rib company, good!  And just yesterday they sent out an email saying to get a passport & clear your schedule for the weekend....who does that?! Magno resposed that he can't go because hes almost sure it'll be mexico and even in an all expense paid luxury trip he wouldn't ever go back there hahahah, but its pretty crazy how much money the owners will spend making the consultants happy.  Last year for the company christmas party they put letters on everyones desk saying to be at LAX with a weeks worth of warm clothes....they flew everyone to new york for a week! so wonder magno comes home from work everyday happy because he loves his job!!

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