Monday, December 5, 2011

We had so much fun this weekend on our first wedding anniversary! On Friday Magno got out of work a bit early & we headed over to Long Beach to check in at Hotel Maya, where we stayed a few days before & after our wedding.  We have such good memories of that place & of Long Beach in general so we thought that'd be fun to do.  We relaxed in the hotel room before heading over to Fuego which was just downstairs from us.  We had a 3 course dinner & all 3 courses were equally delicious!

Saturday was our actual anniversary.  We got ready & took kramer to the beach for a long walk so he'd be nice & tired that night.  After that we took him to my moms house so she could watch him while we went to the christmas parade & dinner on second street.  It was so crowded when we got there so we decided to just eat, but the hostess took us upstairs to a perfect spot where we could watch the whole parade!  After that we went to pick up kramer & cut the top of our wedding cake.  Neither of us wanted to eat it but we both tasted it for the sake of tradition.  The frosting was nasty but the cake wasnt bad a year later haha.

Sunday was our last day in LB.  We walked around the bay a little bit & took some pictures, then headed home.  On the way we stopped at second street to shop for our annual christmas ornament.  We get a new one each year & this year we found the perfect one in the first store!  Its a day of the dead type ornament, handmade, & it says together forever on it:)

We also stopped by magnos moms house..she wanted to make us dinner for our anniversary & im all for not cooking!  We also got to see all her pictures from her recent trip to mexico.  We spent hours looking at all of them & it was so cool getting to see magnos aunts, cousins, grandparents, & old family friends.  We even got to see video of everyone gathered around watching our wedding video! Magnos grandpa is so stinkin cute..he was standing right over the tv pointing out everytime he was in the video! hahah=) Then came the gifts....magnos moms sister bought me a christmas CD because magnos mom told her how obsessed i am with christmas! and she got magno a beatles cover CD cause he loves the beatles.  His cousin got us the most awesome & authentic calaveras aka sugar skulls....she has never met me & hasnt seen magno in 10+ years yet she knew EXACTLY which ones we'd like!  I've never met his aunt or cousin and they were both so sweet to send us these gifts, i MUST go to mexico and meet all my family over there someday.  Magnos mom also brought us some cute litle gifts...mexican candy, mexican cookes, a purse for me, a tequila & salt set...i can't even tell you how much i love things from mexico!! When me and magno finally got home we exchanged our anniversary gifts.  I was a dummy and forgot to pack mine so even though he packed his gift for me, we waited till we got home to exchange them.  Traditionally, first year is supposed to be a paper gift.  So i got magno a jedi knight certificate which of course he loved, and a star wars card.  He got me a really pretty card & magnets, because they hold up paper on the fridge ahaha....i guess that works right!?:)

it was a great anniversary weekend! Now hopefully today we can get all our christmas cards together to be sent out &finally get our christmas tree!

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