Thursday, September 29, 2011

we finally got around to hanging curtains in the living room. it only took 3 months!

we've been really good about making "holes" in this place. we learned at the last few apartments what a pain it is to patch up holes before moving out, so this time around, command picture hanging strips are our best friends.  However, we've had to make some holes - these curtains are the proof.  but the holes above the window are worth it because I love the way they look. curtains always make apartments look so much better and homey-er.

its hard to see in that picture, but we did something different this time.  We got a double curtain bar from ikea so we could have curtain layers basically.  The background is a lace curtain that i've been dying to use for almost a year...the front curtain is just plain white. I love how it adds texture & also how I can have it semi light in the room by closing only the lace set to let some light through, or closing them both to make it dark. plus it just looks cute with the scalloped lace edges peeking through.

curtains make my world go round<3

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