Tuesday, September 27, 2011

im having a blogger identity crisis. i can't find a layout, theme, or colors that i like.  and if i do find something i like, i can't figure out how to do it.  im also thinking of pulling a puff daddy & changing my name.  my dear sweet husband pointed out to me that Life After Marriage sounds like a blog about a divorced woman.  So yeah, i need something that describes the blog. But this blog is all over the place, so thats been hard.  i've been looking online for blog styles that i like & trying to recreate them, so until i find the perfect one, lets consider this whole blog under construction=)

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Shannon Olson said...

I have blog crisis all the time! Hahaha there was a time I thought Talks a Lot was a stupid name but i have had it sooo long I can't change it now! I personally love your top picture and your background, maybe your name could be Life About Marriage or Wedding After Wedding or Life about weddings or Life after Wedding There are so many options hahhaha

If you ever need help with the layout just let me know and if you change your name I can easily make you a new button =)