Monday, July 11, 2011

our weekend.

this weekend was relaxing, just how i like it! friday night i left magno home to play video games while i went to the block to go shopping for a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding.  the invitation said formal wear which you know i dont even own.  I found a dress that I'll wear if i cant find anything else, but still i dont think its formal enough! but, its dark blue, the color i was aiming for.  i still gotta get some matching jewelry and maybe a matching tie for magno to wear.
on saturday magno had to work until about 1pm and i had to leave for work at we waved hi to eachother and off i went to work a wedding at the Orange County Mining Company.  I've done so many weddings there, i cant understand why! i think that place is so ugly for a wedding! That wedding was just flowers not coordination(even though like every wedding, i end up doing SOME coordination cause i just feel bad if i see its not being done!).  When its just flowers its usually pretty quick.  I was able to get off around 6 which is REALLY early for a saturday especially during wedding season.  I came home and me and magno got some candy and rented a movie(the company men with ben affleck-it was good!). 

Sunday we got kind of a late start, it was just a lazy morning.  After we rolled out of bed though we went couch shopping.  I researched places on yelp and we went to the place with the best/most reviews.  We ended up at Far Below Retail.  I loved the first couch I saw & even though we saw others and tested some, we ended up buying that one.  It was the perfect neutral color, and even though its U shaped it is compact for a U shape meaning it wont take up our whole apartment.  Remember, we are sacrificing a dining room to have a big couch!  I had pretty simple requirements for the couch
  • Removable covers for easy washing
  • Soft fabric
  • Neutral Color
  • not to bulky
we scheduled delivery & finished the whole process start to finish in about an hour.  After that we decided to savor our last couple weeks in our charming little location of old towne orange.  We rarely go to the circle even though we're steps away, but now that we'll be living in boxy, stuffy irvine where everything looks the same, we will really miss orange! so we walked to the circle and shopped in a few of the antique stores before going to our favorite place, gabbi's kitchen.  In irvine we can walk to pei wei's and shop in all the yuppy stores along the way. haha.


debbi said...

Can't wait to come back from vacation and see the new place! How far are you from Strickland's, btw?

Life After Marriage said...

3.5 miles..i googled it!