Saturday, July 9, 2011

move #5

we're moving, yet again.  Im so irritated that we have to move in the first place.  i LOATHE moving & we really wanted to be able to stay at our current place so that we can keep saving money.  however, its just not working. Magnos work is too far away, especially when i have to drive him to and from work everyday since for the time being we only have one car.  its just way too crowded and stressful with 3 people and 4 animals living in 900 sqaure feet.  saving money just aint worth it anymore.  we took our time looking at places since we REALLY want/need to stay at the next place till we are able to buy(of course thats the GOAL but who knows how that will pan out!).  We looked at just about every single place in irvine and the only one we really liked was main street village.  its 5 minutes from magnos work, 2 minutes from mine, and in a safe, new area.

this place is so much different from our current place. its brand new, so it has things that i havent had for over a year now:garbage disposal, dishwasher, AC, washer & dryer BOTH inside the apartment; granite countertops(ive NEVER had those!), dual pane windows, etc.  of course those things arent necessary but they sure make living a lot easier.  heres the floorplan that we chose.  we chose this with the combined living/dining area because we know that apartment living means no dining room. it just never works and isnt practical.  so we figured we'd just have an extra big living room instead.  some of the other floor plans had seperate dining area which made for a really small living room. and we knew that when fight night rolled around we'd regret that choice!  We also chose to wait (and pay a little extra) for a 4th floor apartment.  we have ZERO privacy right now and can't ever have the curtains open because the windows are SO close to other people.  The one we chose is in the back and has nobody directly across from it.  it also has 10ft ceilings which makes it feel a lot bigger. and a walk in closet. and nice wood blinds. and a roman bathtub.  and did i mention it has granite?:)

so thats all about that until june 28th when we move in. which also happens to be the weekend of the big 2 day bridal show in LA. and the same weekend that magno goes to a rage against the machine concert in LA. and when my parents are on vacation so that already puts them out of the running to help with the move. and its only 4 days after magnos birthday which means we will be packing on magnos birthday.gotta keep my mind on the prize here! walk in closet, walk in closet, walk in closet...


Lacey said...

that apt sounds SO nice, I wanna live there haha. walk in closet, what a dream!

Shannon Olson said...

The new place sounds great! We will be moving out of our place in NZ on the 28th and 29th too!
The main difference is I have to litterally get rid of everything before we go hahaha