Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 15 – Something you don’t leave the house without.

does my 30 day thing have to be 30 consecutive days? if so, i already screwed that up! but i have a good excuse.ive been sick. very sick. with a migraine. NOT FUN. yesterday was our immigration interview(that went well!) and once I came home i started getting sicker and sicker. magno called and said he wouldnt be home until late because a client was stuck in traffic. i immediately got a mini anxiety attack because i was counting on him to bring me food, medicine, and love!(haha) so i threw up once and then couldnt stop. magno finally got home around 9 and took care of me. hes so good at that! he got me crackers and ginger ale and put a cold rag on my head...good god i love him! i remember when we were dating, like 6 years ago, i had a migraine but since we had barely been dating i didnt want him to see me barfing and crying haha so i told him to leave. he understood and "left" but i woke up at 2am to go to the bathroom and he was sitting in the chair in my room sleeping! i woke him up and he said he snuck back in to make sure i was ok. this was before either of us started driving so he made his mom wait up all night to give him a ride home after he made sure i was ok! ill never forget that=)

anyways im back on the wagon!

i dont leave the house without my cell phone. EVER. isnt that kind of a given? Am i the only one like that? im telling you that thing doesnt leave my sight. even on my wedding day, 2 minutes before walking down the aisle.

and thanks to fellow bloggers Lacey & Shannon, i became obsessed with Pinterest. Heres my boards!

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Shannon Olson said...

I am now following your pinterest!
It is so handy for saving good ideas.