Tuesday, July 19, 2011

big decision

Since forever, even BEFORE our wedding, i've wanted a huge canvas wedding photo above our couch. Now that we've actually had our wedding, i've been looking into it & have always been sadly dispaointed with how $$ they are.  Im just too cheap.  for the size i want, it'd be almost $200.

I was VERY excited today when I looked in my email & saw that todays Living Social deal is for a canvas print!  Even better- its HALF OFF! So its not only a deal, but its a STEAL!! This is perfect timed with our move, because i can never JUST move. I always have to move, and re decorate.  my poor husband.

Now my biggest decision in life has to be made. what picture do I want to use?  It will be above our couch & seen by everyone who enters, so this is HUGE responsibility;) heres the contenders:
i like this one because of the different colors in it.  i think it would add a cute touch to the living room, all the while it shows the tone of our wedding.  however, i just dont know if i would regret not getting one of JUST me and magno, like a traditional wedding portrait.
i also like the idea of this one, since it has all of our family in it..but it might be a little too much. theres so many colors & people that it might look weird.
this one is great for showing off the train of my dress, which i loved, & the vintagey feel.  the only thing im worried about it that its so formal, which just isnt us, and i dont know if id regret not choosing a more candid, fun picture.
i also like this one because it shows our emotions more so than a posed picture.

maybe even something like this...3 different smaller canvases to make up one bigger image space. 

so, thats today's biggest decision.  my life is really hard.


debbi said...

I vote picture #1 -- too much stuff going on in the family pic. The last one would be good also.

Shannon Olson said...

I know you didn't ask for anyone opinion but I am going to give mina anyways (feel free to ignore it) I would say either the picture of you and Mango on the couch or the one of you 2 walking down the ailse! The one with other people might get annoying? or maybe that is just me.
Hard decision to make!

Life After Marriage said...

shannon, please feel free to ALWAYS leave opinions even if i dont ask! im SO wishy washy that sometimes just hearing someone else choose for me is easier:) i agree, i think i want one of just us, more traditional. however i do like the color in photo 1. stay tuned for a picture of what i ended up ordering and where it will reside in our new place!:)