Sunday, March 27, 2011

weddings and birthdays

Wednesday was Megans 27th bday.....we all headed out in the cold rain and had dinner in the orange circle. Then it was back to our house for presents and cupcakes!

megans little bday setup complete with teeth-color-changing cupcakes
Thursday was also Megans birthday(to her!haha)so we went out to dinner in Huntington beach with some of her friends. The food was really good and the restaurant was pretty, so we'll probably be going there again.

Friday I met with my boss at Orange Hill Restaurant so I could "shadow" her in a consultation with a bride. It was fun being at a goregous venue and getting to see what exactly i'll be doing in a few months. She also gave me a few tips and directions for the next day since I'd be attending my first wedding:) From there we headed to the studio to get started on everything for the weddings the next day. I love being at the studio and seeing how everything gets made....and being around fresh beautiful flowers all day really doesnt hurt.
the centerpieces after the jewel treatment, still missing second set of jewels and candles...phew!

us after working all day...kramer loves lazy movie nights in bed!

Saturday was my first wedding!! The wedding was all the way in San Bernadino so I got to the flower studio at 9am to help pack up the uhaul and get ready to go.  We left at 11 at luckily didnt hit traffic.  Once we got there, I looked around a bit and just dove right in.  Even though the bride didn't use Petals By Xavi as a coordinator,just a florist, my boss Xavi told me to be as helpful as possible.  I was the only one there besides the florist so I was a little nervous but I knew it was going to be great experience.  I was in charge of finding the wedding party, getting them their flowers, setting up the flowers at the church, pinning the boutinerres on everyone....anything flower related basically.  The bride was about 15 minutes late but I was the first one at the party bus waiting to give her her boquet.  she loved it!  I saw that nobody was "in charge" or coordinating so I took over-not just because I was interning and my boss told me to help, but because THIS is what I wanna do! i truly wanted her wedding to be flawless even though i'd never met her.  So I got the bridesmaids lined up & tapped them on the shoulder as their sign to start walking.  I held the bride and her dad back in the lobby of the church for just a minute to give them a little suspense and then i opened the double doors for them and led them out down the aisle..  I laid her train out perfectly behind her & i snuck out the back.  it was uhhhhh-mazing.  to have my boss trust me enough to do that after only a month of interning was awesome.  to have the bride totally rely on me was awesome.  to have NOBODY know i was JUST an intern was awesome.  and the whole thing was just awesome!  so so awesome!  i remember that feeling from my wedding...the one where i though "idk who that was that just helped me, but i love them"! and im pretty sure the bride felt that way since she had no idea who i was, but knew that i was there to help!  So since it was a traditional catholic ceremony it was about an hour and the 2 florists went to lunch then came back to undo the church flowers.  We headed straight to redlands where the reception was and set up there. it took about 2 hours and i was pooped but it was worth it....everything came out beautiful! i feel like i lit a million candles, strung a million jewels on the trees, and set up a million glass votives, but i realy didnt mind:)  So that was my first wedding.  Theres another one this weekend that im already excited about:)
red rose aisle decor in a traditional catholic church
the finished centerpieces

waiting for the bride to get there to give her her bridal boquet

5 minutes before the ceremony
this was only half of the tables...we were busy!
Today there was another wedding show and the florist that worked with me yesterday said that the bride gushed about her wedding and our job there-so that made me really happy!The show went really well and I got to take home a few arrangements which is always a fun perk:) my apartment is full of red roses and hydrangea now=)
PBX setup at the Hilton Costa Mesa wedding show
Have I ever mentioned that i love my life? Cause I REALLY love my life!!!!!

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