Sunday, March 20, 2011

quick blog while the clothes wash!

its raining! and i love it! thought id blog about life lately while the clothes are in the washing machine & then i'll need to go out into said rain and put them in the dryer=/

Nothing too much has been happening besides march birthdays. The first was my dads on Friday-we went to everyones favorite chinese food place, Lily Garden. Then we came home for homemade cake...its a morrell thing:) The next day was my aunt Peggy's birthday. Her boyfriend Mark threw her a surprise party at the Costa Mesa Country Club. Me & Sara were busy all week getting vases, flowers, ribbon, & sparkly things:) We got to the party early to set up & everything turned out great! Peggy was really surprised and had a great time.
Now this week is megans birthday so i'll be back at the mall tomorrow! i wish they mall had some sort of frequent shopper discount.

party people of the family

peggy about to blow out her candles

me and saras creation..bad pic but the tables looked so cute!

Peggy getting surprised!

me and magno in front of the golf course view

the best we could do

us again:)
the macarena!:)

This week we also decided that enough is enough, we HAVE to go to New York.  So we decided to start saving NOW in order to go for our 1 year anniversary this December. its a GREAT idea in theory, i just really hope that we can get up the nerve to actually go. Neither of us like flying and neither of us want to leave kramer and neither of us want to be THAT far away from kramer.  I can already picture myself having a little meltdown.  So, we're still working out all the details of how/if we can do it, but at least we have a goal! Heres the places we are dying to go.
of course, the statue of liberty

central park

ground zero

above rockerfeller center...dying to get REmarried here...STUNNING.

rockerfeller center

serendipity, home of the frozen hot chocolate:):):)

so thats it for now...hope everyone stays dry and warm in the rain!=)

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