Monday, January 17, 2011

this post is like this week-boring.

I really wish i didnt procrastinate so much & that i would have finished the bedroom redo before school started . now, school starts on wednesday & im going to be completely swamped until may basically.  so this means unless some miracle happens, the room will stay unfinished until then which drives me absolutely nuts. oh well, i tried & i blame it on my sickness.

we ended up selling the dresser i painted for a nice profit so on friday we went to have dinner at ikea and did some shopping.  we got a new entertainment stand for under the tv but i need to add some DIY touches to it before i post it.  Nothing major but i just cant stand seeing wires, and right now, they are all exposed. so as soon as i get the chance me and magno will put our brains together and make something to hide the ugliness.

i also got all our wedding photos on friday!! i seriously cant stop looking at them, i love them all so much & looking at them helps me relive that day, theyre so awesome!! this one is my absolute favorite of all time & its getting blown up and framed so i can stare at it all day. i might just put it above my side of the bed and stare at it while i fall asleep. im that obsessed! 

magnos been working a lot lately so i've been home alone with kramer! but he luckily didnt have to work on sunday so we took kramer to a nice park near us. 

after the park, we went straight to magnos moms house to celebrate her birthday with pizza and movies...a jimenez tradition!=) we watched the last exorism, had pizza, cake, and snacks, and of course, looked at the wedding pix again!

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