Sunday, January 9, 2011

dresser redo

i finally gave my vintage dresser a real paintjob! it was born maple but i hated it so I gave it a quick ghetto blast with cheap spray paint to get it done real quick...and ever since then paints been falling off little by little! so i sanded it down and re painted it with an actual paintbrush. then i spray painted the handles white so u can see the detail.  Its a little too modern looking for me now with the white handles so i already put it on craigslist, haha! if it doesnt sell i'll just put it in our bedroom and get a new one for under the TV. no wonder magno gets so mad at me.
in its natural form. (idk why i took a pic of the computer instead of saving the picture...)

after a shiny new coat of paint

love these detailed handles!

so once again i change one thing & it spurs a whole room makeover. my cold is finally leaving so hopefully ill finish the bedroom this week.

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Lacey said...

aww it looks pretty! I'm in love with those handles! I'm sure it will sell really quick with the nice new paint job.